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Bodywork Through Energy is an advanced protocol intended for students who have completed the HiddenMind: Investigative & Corrective Sound protocol training course.

This module was designed to give the therapist further in-depth knowledge of how and why the energetic structure of the body or body parts can warp and what consequences this has on the body physically. Students will learn how to make corrections to the underlying energetic framework allowing the body to heal and correct itself physically. This is achieved by identifying any faults or imbalances in the energetic framework primarily along the spine through dowsing. By moving one hand up and down along the spine without touching and holding the pendulum with the other. You will then be shown how to make corrections by applying light touch (two pounds pressure) to specific points on the spine such as the spinous and transverse processes of each vertebra, the coccyx and sacrum. While instructing the client to take deep breaths in or out as you apply this gentle pressure with intention.

Weekend 1

The focus of this weekend is the learning of techniques that help to relieve pain and tension. Such as back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and sciatica.

You will learn the anatomy of the spine, the effects of inflammation, importance of the vagus nerve, the consequences of excess stress and specific environmental factors that can influence the energetic framework of the body. How to make corrections to the energy fields of the vertebrae, muscles and nerves along the head, neck and spine. Along with in depth corrections on chakra points running along the spine. An upper back release technique is included in this module to help you deal with clients who suffer from neck issues.

You will be instructed on how to use specific finger modes for the purpose of redirecting the fields of energy back into their correct positions. This is performed to stimulate correction in the physical body.

Weekend 1

  • Spinal Column
  • Finger modes
  • Upper back release
  • Cranial Nerves
  • Chakra entry points

Weekend 2

This weekend will cover the organs in the front of the body such as the large Intestine and stomach. How they can be corrected through physical protocols, when there is low energy in these areas or the field of energy surrounding the organs is not in the correct position and the consequences this may have on a person’s entire system. Neurotransmitters are investigated and an understanding of their importance in keeping the body and mind in balance.

Students will be guided through a unique corrective process called the “energy portal” also known as “the wheel”. This was designed to use the twelve energy points around the navel to help rebalance specific systems or organs after physical corrections have been made. Many organs and systems of the body are involved in this process. 

Weekend 2

  • Large intestine, stomach, hiatus and pubic bone protocols
  • Organs and systems of the body overview
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Energy portal “wheel”
  • Pineal gland meditation
  • Practical exam

Course outline

This course is run over 2 weekends.

Each weekend is a 3-day weekend, taking place on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

These are full days.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 5pm.