In HiddenMind therapies

We use a pendulum, as a medium, to indicate the truth or non-truth of a statement or question. Statements are directed to the subconscious mind of the client, during the investigative process and the client’s subconscious mind indicates if a statement is true or not true. During a therapist’s training, an energetic contract or agreement is set up, between the conscious and subconscious mind of the therapist, that the pendulum they use will spin in one direction to indicate a true/positive or yes answer. It will spin in a different direction to indicate a false/negative or no answer. Once this has been established the therapist can then direct statements at the subconscious mind of the client and get feedback. The client does not have to speak, their conscious mind is bypassed and the HiddenMind or subconscious/unconscious mind feeds back information through their energy fields.

To understand how this is possible think of how it is possible that a mobile phone or computer can display images and text, project sound, play videos etc. when it is connected to a wireless router. A person can be in one room and the router in another, yet all this information is carried by a frequency emitted by the router. These fields even travel through seemingly solid matter such as walls and doors etc. Information is carried by vibrational energy fields!

If you wish, please read our article on energy fields for more information on how they work.

Dowsing is a bio-feedback mechanism, which engages the subconscious to access information that may not be directly available to the rational thinking part of our conscious mind.

This in turn can be used for example to check correct alignment, percentage of function or life-force energy levels.

Dowsing is an art not a science

It is done on feeling…

It is an amplification of your intuition

It directs and focuses your intuition


What is Dowsing?

  • Dowsing means to the search for water or minerals by using rods or a pendulum.
  • Dowsing is the art of using a tool such as a pendulum or diving rod to access the intuition and gather information not directly available to the rational thinking part of our conscious mind


Where does it come from?

Dowsing has a long and rich history and many references to, and records of Dowsing go back to at least 10,000 years ago. There are accounts of many ancient cultures using dowsing techniques such as the Hebrews, Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Druids, Hindus, Peruvians, Medes and Native Americans. In the bible, there are several references to Moses being a skilled diviner and dowser or ‘water wizard’

In China dowsers were called forth to detect the unseen energies around potential building sites to detect ‘the claws of the dragon’ which correspond to what we now call the harmful rays of a positive-charge vortex, positive charge ley lines or geopathic stress.

The druids also assessed the earth’s natural magnetic lines in choosing their building sites, which include places such as Stonehenge and New grange along with tombs, standing stones and dolmens found all over Britain and Ireland.


Modern dowsing

  • Today many there are many applications for dowsing and most people are using this extra sense for the benefit of others and particularly in the field of healing and health care
  • It is important to realise that dowsing is something that has been around for a long time and will most likely be around in the future.
  • In this time, with modern technology and scientific rationalisation it is important that we do not forget about these ancient practices
  • With humanity’s advancements in science and technology we can now seek to know more about these ancient methods and to put a structure onto how and why these methods work.


While dowsing is considered an art, it is also a science.

 How does it work?

  • Magnetic fields originate from inside atoms and molecules, these are the particles that make up all matter and materials.
  • Once it is realised that the inside of atoms and molecules can give rise to different magnetic fields and so confer a magnetic signature on the material, for example, rocks, metals, water, animals, and humans then the possibility of biological sensors able to capitalise on this information arises.
  • The magnetic field environment like the acoustic, electromagnetic, and chemical environments will contain information which in theory can be exploited by biological organisms. Any organism could develop an appropriate sensing system by evolution if awareness of the magnetic environment aided survival (Crockford & Hughes 2011).
  • Supporting a magnetic explanation for dowsing is the fact that vertebrates such as birds and sharks have a magnetic sense, and it seems that humans also have a magnetic sense.


The magnetic sense

  • It may be vestigial and acting at a subliminal level, but it is sufficient to trigger simple muscle reflexes. Along with other reflexes.
  • Such reflexes in response to magnetic fields may go unnoticed but they can be developed by training, into reasonably strong conditioned reactions to changes in the magnetic field strength.
  • Dowsing devices such as pendulums magnify the small muscle responses of the arm into observable movements.
  • Basically, when this sense is sufficiently developed it can be used to give the dowser a definite positive or negative response and these are usually indicated by a clockwise or anti-clockwise movement of a pendulum.
  • This in turn can be used for example to check correct alignment, percentage of function or life-force energy levels.


The intuition

  • It can be reasoned that humans have a 6th sense, a magnetic sense. This sense can also be referred to as our intuition.
  • Through dowsing we can use a tool such as a pendulum to give us indications of positive and negative response through the nervous system directed to the muscles in our arm and hand.
  • People often feel positive or negative reactions in their own body such as when they meet another person, enter a building or come to a certain location, when they are buying or selling something or making decisions in business, relationships, health or any kind of decision.
  • Some of us have a naturally developed intuition and others do not.
  • It is a sense that can be developed through practice just like our other senses.



  • Focusing is a phenomenon in dowsing whereby we increase our chance of eliciting correct information or response by focusing our attention and awareness.
  • An important property of the dowsing sense is that like the other senses it can focus on specific targets. Remember where thought or intention goes energy flows.
  • It is vital to keep in mind while dowsing that accurate questions will lead to accurate answers and that inaccurate questions or statements will lead to inaccurate answers.
  • In the HiddenMind protocol it is very important that we are familiar with certain aspects of the anatomy and physiology of the body such as the names and locations of cranial bones, spinal vertebrae, the major organs and glands.
  • This also applies to the life-force energy systems of the body such as the chakras, meridians and auric fields.


Challenges to successful form

  • As this sense is like other sense organs and their sensory cells which are stimulated by small amounts of energy.
  • Sensory systems may become saturated, blocked, blinded and deafened by strong stimuli.
  • There may be challenges to accurate dowsing and here is a list of the significant factors that can affect your dowsing.
  • These are just factors that can affect your dowsing, as you become more proficient and confident these factors will be less likely to influence your dowsing.


Factors affecting accurate dowsing

  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Lack of focus or concentration
  • If you are sick or unwell
  • Use of substances such as alcohol, drugs, medications, caffeine & tobacco
  • Environmental factors such as excessive heat, cold, noise & visual stimulation
  • Emotional attachment to answers
  • Disbelief, doubt or fear
  • Desire to control, reactionary thoughts or selfish motives
  • Negative thought patterns including judgement, greed, self-centredness and others
  • If there are certain traumatic memories that the subconscious does not wish to reveal
  • Lack of specificity in questioning or incorrect wording