Energy Fields

Energy Fields

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla

The concept of lifegiving energy is acknowledged in many different cultures although it is known by many different names.  For instance, it is known as Mana in Indonesia, Chi or Qi in China, Ki in Japan, prana in India, Ka in Egypt and in the west Spirit, Holy spirit, Life-force, subtle-energy or simply just energy. All these terms and many more appear to describe the same thing, the life-giving energy in all living beings.

We are all living in a sea of electromagnetic energy, from electromagnetic fields that are generated by everything that exists in our universe.  A “field” is represented by lines of force, to indicate its direction and shape. Both electric and magnetic fields decline with distance, but their influence is technically infinite. The earth has its own electromagnetic field generated from its molten iron and nickel core. There are even EM (electromagnetic) radiations from space that interact with us here on earth. Remarkably bacteria in our gut have even been found to react to the EMF (electromagnetic field) of the sun!1

From the smallest particles to the largest celestial bodies such as planets and stars everything has a field of energy that pervades and surrounds it. And wherever electrons create an electric current there will be a magnetic field produced at a 90-degree angle to that current.

Moreover, everything in this known universe gives off its own unique frequency and vibration. Every human being, in fact every animal, plant, bacteria, microbe or anything living produces its own electromagnetic field. These fields of energy are everywhere including in and around our bodies.

Energy fields & the body

Each of the approximately million billion cells in the body produces a field of energy that pervades and surrounds it. 600 billion of these cells die and regenerate every day. All our cells are in a constant state of renewal, rods and cones in the retina of the eye are replaced every 48 hours, the lining of the gut is replaced every 3 days, our skin cells replenish every 2 weeks, in our liver every 8 weeks and the nervous system every 8 months. Now we must consider how each cell “knows” where to go and what to become, as in a skin cell, muscle, or bone cell. Because DNA alone does not “know” how to make muscle here, bone there, skin, blood and so on, nor how to make all the remaining structures in their appropriate relationships to each other2,3,4.

It is purposed that the lines of force of an EMF can dictate how these cells, the microscopic building blocks take the appropriate position within the body. Especially as seen in the development of an infant or in cases of regeneration, referring to the ability that some animals possess to regrow entire limbs when severed. It can also be seen in collagen fibres. These fibres will form in rows perpendicular to the lines of force from an electrode when there is a weak direct current passed through it. Electric fields align collagen molecules5.

Unfortunately, humans have mostly lost the power of “true regeneration”, the ability to completely regrow a lost limb such as a hand, arm, or leg, or to heal a severed spinal cord. However, regeneration in humans does take place in the healing of broken bones. Interestingly some of this power of “true regeneration” does remain with young children6.

In the case of broken bones however, healing or regeneration occurs because the bone marrow cells at the site of injury revert to “stem cells” through a process known as dedifferentiation. These cells then re-differentiate into skin, muscle, bone cells etc. This process is directly influenced by changes in the electrical current and EMFs of the body7. It appears the EMF of the body influences or may even control physical growth and regeneration processes of the body.

This is the reason why HiddenMind therapists refer to the energy field of the body as a “bio-dynamic field” as it both influences the physical body and is influenced by the physical body. As Rupert sheldrake put it “the physical both informs the field and is informed by the field”8. The energy field of the body is also referred to as the biofield, and it contains the blueprint that the physical body organizes itself around. However, traumatic experiences may give rise to pathological oscillations in the standing waves therefore distorting the signal, leading to a breakdown in the order, structure, and function of the physiology9.

Meaning, that when you injure yourself, for example if you break your arm. The bone is physically damaged and broken but also the energy fields and the underlying energetic structure may be damaged also. Therefore, the flow of energy to the area may be hindered and the healing process may be compromised. If you can restore the flow of energy, then the healing process can proceed optimally.

As the bone begins to heal if the underlying energetic blueprint of the body is still intact healing should occur properly and efficiently. But if the underlying energetic structure has also been damaged or disrupted then healing may not proceed properly or efficiently. This applies to all types of tissue, not just bone and therefore to every illness or disease.

Energy flows through the body along channels or energy lines often referred to as meridians. These meridians have been known of since ancient times and have been promoted primarily through the practice of acupuncture. The meridians carry energy but to put it more clearly, they carry electrical current or voltage10,11,12,13. The existence of these meridians has been proven and it has been found that meridians conduct current which flows into the central nervous system.

There are two wiring systems in the body, one is the acupuncture meridian system. The other is perineural system of the body, this is the sheath that surrounds the nerves. Also, current can travel through the fascial planes of the body because this fascia tissue is a semi-conductor. Both Dr Robert O. Becker and Björn Nordenström showed that fibrous tissue in the body also serves to conduct electrons, just like copper wire!14,15 Fasciae are fibrous sheaths or cable, a 3D web of tissue from head to toe. Fasciae are semiconductors, diodes, transistors, and microprocessors16.

It has been established that energy must flow through the body, that electrons must move along these channels, in other words that current must flow freely. However, the optimum flow of energy or the energetic structure of the body can be disrupted by many causes. Usually from some type of shock, stress or trauma, these shocks or traumas can be physical, mental, emotional, chemical, or environmental. Or a combination of these.