About Our Therapy

Why choose us??

Restore energy.
Get to the root cause of symptoms.

Stimulates self-healing power.
Natural & non-invasive.

Recharge the body.
Reconnect mind and body.

Achieve or return to optimal health.

How our clinics are run & what to expect

Our clinics are run over 3 consecutive days.
Each session lasts between 50 – 60 minutes.
HiddenMind: Bio-Energy is applied each day.
The HiddenMind: Investigative & corrective sound therapy is applied on 1 - 2 of these days.
The HiddenMind: Body-work programme is applied where necessary over the 3 days.

Therapy is carried out in a relaxed and private environment supporting the healing process.
Every person is recommended to have a second round of treatments 6 - 8 weeks after their initial visits. That is another 3 consecutive days of therapy. A third round of treatments is recommended 8 - 12 weeks after the second.

That is the standard protocol that we recommend for every person no matter what ailment they are suffering with or issue they have.Some people may need more sessions or less sessions depending on the severity of their condition and how well they respond to the therapy. Most people experience significant changes during or just after their initial treatments.


There are a series of articles on this website describing the most common conditions we work with and how HiddenMind therapy helps with those specific conditions. However, this therapy can work with any condition as the focus is on improving the self-healing power of the body.