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HiddenMind Bio-Energy therapy is based on manipulating the life-force energy in and around the human body. It involves working on the human energy field with the hands around the body.

The electro-magnetic field that surrounds every person which is often referred to as the Aura. Hands are also placed on the body, primarily on the head, the heart and the spine.

As we are all electrical beings, every one of us produces our own electro-magnetic field or energy field. We interact with our environment, people and everything around us though our energy field. This energy which is electrical in nature is often referred to as life-force energy. When this life-force energy is flowing through the body freely via the life-force energy systems, such as, the chakra’s, the meridians and the human energy field then our bodies maintain the ability to regenerate correctly and stay healthy. However, when this life-force energy becomes depleted or drained or is unable to flow freely then the bodies ability to regenerate and self-correct is compromised.

We all have energy reserves. These reserves are usually maintained through rest, good diet, exercise, relaxation and reducing stress. When our energy reserves become depleted then the body may lose its ability to maintain itself and stay healthy. Our muscles form a type of battery pack that hold electrical charge. Each cell in the body requires energy to copy itself correctly and produce a new healthy and functional cell. Also, the flow of life-force energy can be disrupted by shock or trauma, this can be on a physical, mental, emotional, chemical or environmental level.

The human body can be compared to a biological machine. We model machines on our own bodies in modern robotics. Our brain is like a processor, like a computer constantly processing information. Just like a machine doesn’t function correctly with insufficient energy, our bodies are the same.

HiddenMind Bio-Energy therapy is a method to help people to recharge at a much quicker rate than they can through the normal means of rest and relaxation because as humans we are able to exchange energy. We are constantly exchanging energy and information between us at a subliminal level. This is experienced as people pick up on positive or negative “vibes” that come from others. Even as you break down the kind of language that people regularly use there is a familiarity to these exchange and what people feel from each other at a deeper level. If you feel a “negative vibe” from somebody they are literally broadcasting a negative vibration or in other words a negative frequency. Often people feel drained after spending time with someone who is “quite negative”. The opposite can be experienced when spending time with a more positive or up-beat person as you can feel charged up afterwards.

There are comparisons to be made with the technology we have created and has become prolific in this age. Just like frequency that is broadcast wirelessly through our home, our towns, cities and even throughout remote areas, it carries information. The devices we use daily such as mobile phones, tablets and computers pick up these frequencies and convert the information into something more real, changing them into video, audio and text. Changing unseen and intangible frequency into colourful picture, sound and writing. 

In our society often people do not have the time or space to recharge sufficiently by their own means. Bio-Energy therapy is a great way of helping people to restore their energy reserves by tapping into our latent ability to exchange energy.

All kinds of ailments can be helped with as the focus is on restoring the self-healing power of the body not on treating specific symptoms. HiddenMind Bio-Energy is particularly effective in helping those suffering from low energy levels, low mood or depression, chronic fatigue and burn-out.

It is a vital part of the over-all therapeutic approach we take with clients.

HiddenMind Bio-Energy can used very effectively as a stand alone treatment and Bio-Energy was used exclusively by Tom and his colleagues for many years after training with Zdenko Domancic in the former Yugoslavia, which is modern day Croatia, over thirty years ago. Even today many therapists use Bio-Energy therapy exclusively with their clients and experience fantastic results.

However, in the treatment of some particular issues Bio-Energy is best used as part of a broader therapeutic approach. Such as people with specials needs, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and others.

It is a natural method and non-invasive.