HiddenMind: Investigative & corrective sound protocol Therapy


The HiddenMind Investigative & corrective sound protocol which is often referred to as HiddenMind therapy is based on picking up information from a person’s subconscious mind or in other words, from the person’s own body. Then identifying faults and correcting them, by engaging with the Subconscious mind and reprogramming the Mind and Body which should really be referred to as the BodyMind or MindBody as it is in fact a single system.

These faults and other information are picked up primarily through dowsing. As we are all electrical/energetic beings we have an electro-magnetic field which surrounds the body. We transmit and receive information in wave-form vibration or frequency through these fields. This can be compared to how wireless internet or WiFi works, frequency that is broadcast wirelessly carries information. Devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers pick up these frequencies and convert the information into something more tangible, changing them into video, audio and text.

Every person is constantly broadcasting information through their energy field, we are all sending out certain vibrations. Therapists are trained to pick up on these vibrations and through dowsing discern the state of the person’s health.

This method is comparable to a muscle test in kinesiology. In kinesiology muscle testing is used to pick up information from the body, one form of this method involves pressing down on a person’s arm with gentle pressure. If the therapist makes a true statement, then the muscle stays strong or “locks” the opposite occurs if you make a false statement and the muscle becomes weak or “unlocks”. For example if a therapist makes the statement; “The left and right hemisphere are fully integrated” if this is true the muscle in the shoulder will stay strong or “lock”, if it’s untrue then the muscle will become weak and can be pressed down or “unlock”. If the muscle unlocks you can make another statement such as ‘the left hemisphere is fully integrated’ and the body responds to give a reading of true or false. If it reads true, then that means that it is the right hemisphere of the brain that is not fully integrated. You can even measure the percentage of integration using this method by counting down from 100% the muscle will unlock until the correct percentage is identified. This method can give very accurate feedback and all parts and systems of the body can be measured for their life-force energy and function. Such as the organs and glands, also alignment of spinal vertebrae and cranial bones can be measured. In the HM therapy dowsing is used as this is a much more efficient method of getting this feedback and not everyone is capable of being muscle tested i.e. small children, babies, people with special needs or disabilities.

The human body is a self-correcting system and will naturally regenerate when given the opportunity to do so. Our immune system is a primary example of this, we are constantly being exposed to bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other foreign materials but when our immune system is functioning properly the body identifies these in the system and eliminates them.

For example, when you get a fever, this is the body going into overdrive to clear these from your system. Or when your skin is cut, given time it will heal and repair itself. Healing occurs even when you break bones or tear tissue, these programmes for healing in the body are automatic. You don’t have to tell your body to heal it occurs automatically and you cannot tell it to stop healing either!

However sometimes the program for healing itself is disrupted, if shock or trauma has been significant it can affect the underlying energetic structure or energetic blueprint of the body.

The HiddenMind protocol works specifically at this level to reprogram the MindBody. By engaging with the subconscious at this level the system already starts to correct itself once faults have been identified, often it is necessary to identify the type of shock or trauma that caused these faults in the first place and when these occurred. Shock or trauma can be identified in categories of physical, mental, emotional, environmental or chemical. There may also be hereditary factors which we refer to as a perpetuating gene fault or faults.

As the Subconscious mind is like the internal software programming of the human body it has all the information that pertains to you. Information on the person’s physical structure, function of the Life-Force energy systems; the Chakra’s, Meridians and Auric Fields, also Levels of production of stress hormones and neurotransmitters. Life-Force energy and function of organs and glands and much more. Every experience that we have is recorded into the Subconscious mind and often we carry effects from shock and trauma with us long after they have occurred.

After identifying any deviations from the person’s optimal state, sound frequencies are used to aid in the correction of any faults identified and to clear the negative effect of any shock that has disrupted these systems. Sound is vibration and can penetrate through every cell in the body.

Identification + Frequency = Correction

The HM therapy seeks to unlock the latent healing potential of the body by re-establishing coherence between the mind and body. It does not diagnose any specific conditions but aims to tap into the body’s own healing resources to return the body to its natural condition of optimum health.