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This course is designed to teach students how to…
Engage with the innate intelligence of the body which is often referred to as the subconscious mind.

The subconscious is comparable to a software program that runs everything in our bodies, from breathing and digestion to growth and healing.

You will learn how communicate directly with a person’s subconscious mind through dowsing. Dowsing is the art of using a pendulum or other such device to pick up information through vibrational fields that would not normally be accessible to the conscious mind.

By engaging with the subconscious mind in this way the underlying factors associated with illness and disease can be detected.

Throughout the course you will be shown how to measure the function of the life-force energy systems of the body, the chakras, the meridians and auric fields. How to assess the structural aspects of a person and discern the correct positioning of cranial, facial and spinal bones. Also, how to measure the life-force energy in certain systems of the body including organs and glands.

To identify shocks or traumas that caused these systems to malfunction and the specific time in someone’s life that these shocks occurred and the type of shock or trauma such a physical, mental, emotional, environmental or toxic shock.

You will be instructed in procedures to correct perpetuating gene faults and how to check points on the body that indicate the presence of harmful viruses, bacteria, mould toxins and toxicity from various sources. The entire protocol is quite extensive.

After learning how to make these initial investigations you will be shown how to select special sound frequencies that are used to assist in making corrections to any identified faults.

Throughout the course…
There will be many demonstrations of the techniques and how to investigate by engaging with a person’s subconscious, including demonstrations on volunteers from outside the class from weekend to weekend to see how the healing process unfolds over time and how to deal with any challenges that may arise.

There is an emphasise on practice with fellow students during the course and you will be closely mentored by experienced instructors with years of practical experience and who are full-time therapists. This means that no matter what your experience level you will be guided each step of the way. Every student’s needs will be catered to.

We review case studies as a group on the first morning of each weekend enabling all students to learn from each other’s experience with their practice. This gives us the chance to engage with everyone and answer any questions before learning new content.

We always aim to create a safe, comfortable and fun environment for learning, as we learn best when we are enjoying ourselves! This environment also encourages you to open your mind and most importantly help you learn how to make connections and gain understanding of where people’s symptoms originate. As so often we observe people’s symptoms mirroring a deeper imbalance. We will guide you to explore how physical symptoms can be a metaphorical reflection for buried or unresolved issues. These are the emotional traumas, the stresses or mental overload that people too frequently experience in our society.

This protocol will give students an extensive understanding of the mindbody connection, healing, health and wellbeing. It will bring you to another level of self-awareness and give you the tools to help and inspire others. It will expand your consciousness and take you on a journey of reconnection.

In our experience students often achieve a deeper level of healing and self-realization from going through the training. Sometimes an even greater level of healing than they would achieve from receiving treatments in our regular clinics.

The HiddenMind programme is a culmination of thirty years of experience of practicing energy healing. Tom developed this programme based on his own clinical experience and combines aspects of many therapies including Bio-Energy, kinesiology, body work and others. The HiddenMind course will be facilitated primarily by Tom Griffin, Andrew Griffin, Avril Griffin and Annemarie English with other guest lecturers and speakers throughout the course. The HiddenMind therapy is based upon unlocking the innate healing power of the person and is unlimited in its potential to achieve harmony and balance. The HiddenMind investigative & corrective sound protocol views the human body as a naturally self-correcting system, when given the opportunity to do so. It seeks to explore and unlock the hidden potential of the human mind to restore and regenerate the entire energetic structure of the person. It does not diagnose any specific conditions but aims to tap into the body’s own healing resources to return the body to its natural condition of optimum health. HiddenMind therapy will be a significant part of the future of health care.

Upon qualification our students are given the unique opportunity to gain experience in our clinics and further the development of their skills under our tutelage.

The chance to gain practical work experience in our home clinic is offered to students. Once they have gained their qualification and are fully insured students are given the opportunity to work under supervision in our home clinic in Claremorris. Past students that were interested in becoming professional therapists found this invaluable for developing their skills and gaining practical experience with a wide variance of conditions and people, as we have people of all ages, backgrounds and needs coming to our clinic.