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Level 3 is run over three days and is the final part of the training. Upon completion of this weekend and subsequently all case studies, you will be fully qualified as a HiddenMind Bio-Energy therapist

and can gain insurance to work with the public. You will then be entitled to charge for therapy.

The Level 3 weekend is structured just like the Level 2 weekend except that it is run over 3 days.

In this final weekend of training instruction is given on how to do therapy with those that are confined to a bed or chair and on how to do the therapy with children and babies.

There are lectures on the fundamentals of nutrition from a qualified nutritionist and on geopathic stress from a guest lecturer.

We cover business plans and advice on how to set-up your own clinic. Also, pricing and professional conduct requirements.

There is a written exam at this stage, this in not complicated and does not require hours of study, it is to ensure that all students are clear on the principals of how and why Bio-Energy works and that they have adequate knowledge on reactions that may occur during and after therapy. This course is very practical and hands on, we have designed it so that students will pick up on the necessary knowledge throughout the training so minimal study of the theory is needed.

The whole weekend of training is part of the practical examination however you will be assessed primarily on the therapy administered with your volunteer over the three days.

We take pride that all our students give highly positive feedback upon completion of their training and most importantly that they feel completely competent and confident in their ability to work as a therapist with the public.

The chance to gain practical work experience in our home clinic is offered to students. Once they have gained their qualification and are fully insured students are given the opportunity to work under supervision in our home clinic in Claremorris. Past students that were interested in becoming professional therapists found this invaluable for developing their skills and gaining practical experience with a wide variance of conditions and people, as we have people of all ages, backgrounds and needs coming to our clinic.

Students are supported after completing their training as we are happy to communicate with them if they need advice on any aspect of the therapy or in dealing with clients.