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On Level 1 - weekend 1, you will be shown how to perform all the basic hand techniques in a general therapy. This refers to a general treatment that you would use on any person for any kind of ailment.

It involves working with your hands on the Energy-Field around the human body, the electro-magnetic field that surrounds each of our bodies and is often referred to as the Aura.

We are electrical in nature with all the functions of our bodies taking place due to electrical impulses and signals from the brain running through our nervous system to all parts of our bodies.

There is also a hands-on aspect to the general treatment protocol - we work on the head area, the heart, and on the spine. Also, around the feet (without touching, in case you may be worried about that!) Basically, we work on the whole body from head to toe with the aim to increase the body’s own healing power. Again, as we are electrical in nature our bodies can become charged up or they can become drained, usually due to stress, shock and trauma. Often people's symptoms are due to a depletion of over-all Life-Force Energy or Bio-Energy in the body. Our bodies may even become overcharged, this can lead to the presentation of a range of other types of symptoms. You will learn about all of these throughout the course and how to balance another person’s energy by using these techniques.

The general treatment protocol is designed to be carried out in approximately 45 - 50 minutes.

As there is also an emphasis on self-care throughout the course, we also teach you some basic chi-gong practice. Chi-Gong is similar to Tai-Chi and is about moving and breathing with the purpose of re-energizing the body. This is important to learn because if you wish to treat others and balance their energy systems you must be in relatively good health yourself. There is lots of practice over the weekends so you will all benefit from treating each other as a bonus!

In our experience students often achieve a deeper level of healing and self-realization from going through the training. Sometimes an even greater level of healing than they would from receiving treatments in our regular clinics. This is because you gain a much deeper understanding of the body, life-force energy, the energy systems, Chakras, Meridians and Auric Fields. The therapy is based on science and there is a lot of knowledge and research about energy therapy within science and medicine. We explore this knowledge and research throughout the course, particularly as students’ progress to level 2 & 3. This therapy is about reconnecting people, as we greatly influence each other’s energy all the time.

On level 1 - weekend 2 is focused on learning how to treat specific areas of the body and specific conditions that may affect those areas. Also, on refining your technique from weekend 1. Again, it is all about increasing the self-healing power of the body but with a more focused approach. How to work on the eyes, ears, sinuses, throat/thyroid, lungs, liver, stomach, pancreas, bowel and joints. Also, you will do more Chi-Gong practice and we will help you to further your knowledge on how and why the therapy works. These techniques can then be added on to your general treatment protocol if necessary or used by themselves when you are limited with time but still wish to help a friend or family member with for example; an upset stomach, an ear or throat infection or more serious conditions like anxiety, depression and other diseases. There is no limit to what you can treat as it is not about treating symptoms it is about getting the body into a state that is more supportive for healing and you can take this to where is appropriate for you, whether that be for your own healing or whether you would like to become a therapist in the future. 

Many students complete the level 1 training without going any further, for those of you who would just like to learn the fundamentals of energy healing or how to feel this energy in your own body or others, the level 1 weekends have ample content to do just that. Or if you just want to learn so that you can work with your own family that’s great. For those who wish to learn more, further develop their skills or become professional therapists then progression on to Level 2 and 3 is advised.

The Level 1 weekends are Facilitated by Andrew and Annemarie.

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