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My name is Tom Griffin. I am the founder of the HiddenMind Healing Protocol. The HiddenMind Healing Protocol consists of Bio-Energy Therapy and an Investigative and Corrective Sound Protocol.

I am approximately thirty years practising Energy Therapy and Bodywork.

I appeared on The Late Late Show, thirty years ago, with my colleague Michael O’Doherty. The public response to this television programme was massively positive. This programme brought Bio-Energy Therapy and its unique benefits to the public arena.

I was originally introduced to Bio-Energy Therapy thirty-one years ago, in Croatia, in the former Yugoslavia, by the World famous Zdenko Domancic. I was so enamoured with the healing potential of Bio-Energy that after appearing on the Late Late Show, I decided to resign from my job as a Prison Officer and to pursue a career in Healing. Thirty-one years later, I am as passionate as ever about the healing potential of both Bio-Energy Therapy and the human body. Every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to enhance my own Being and for the opportunity to be of service to others.

I have a background in Philosophy and Theology. I also studied healing modalities, such as Kinesiology and other Bodywork Programmes. Working with Energy has broadened my perspective on life and has enabled me to think outside the "Box". Energy Therapy has taken me on a Journey of self discovery and a new realisation of the hidden innate ability we all possess.

I also have a background in the Martial Arts. My experience with Martial Arts helped me to develop a greater appreciation of the hidden power of Chi. With training and practice, we can all learn to generate Chi, which can be used for healing ourselves and others. Chi-Gung and Tai-Chi were of huge benefit to my own self development. I now teach Chi-Gung and Tai-Chi breathing and grounding techniques to clients. I also teach clients the six healing sounds. These techniques empower people to take responsibility for their own Health and Wellbeing.

Teaching Bio-Energy was a new and exciting experience for me when I first started instructing over 25 years ago. Being a teacher, allows me to share the benefits of my experience (of treating many people with a vast variety of ailments and diseases) with many potential new therapists. Teaching Bio-Energy initiated a series of Protocols and Techniques, which lead me to carry out further research and development.

Eighteen years ago, through my involvement in Kinesiology, I became aware of a Protocol, called the Dawson Programme. This Protocol was named after its founder, Cameron Dawson. This Protocol focused on interrogating the Subconscious Mind. The aim of the interrogation was to ascertain the deeper hidden energetic blockages associated with diseases and symptoms. This Protocol was pre-eminent in its approach to treating children with special needs. I treated many children with this Programme and I gradually developed a new Programme, called the HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective Sound Protocol. The HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective Sound Protocol was created by adding many more features and Statements to the Dawson Programme. My motivation for developing the HiddenMind Protocol was so that I could work more comprehensively with children on the spectrum disorder. Working with special needs children is very close to my heart. I have three grown up children myself and I can empathise with the hurt, frustration and anxiety that parents must feel when their child is diagnosed with a spectrum disorder, whether it be Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyspraxia or Autism. The HiddenMind Protocol can offer assistance at an energetic level to these children.

I have co-written a book called HiddenMind: A Journey of Reconnection. Co-writing and researching for this book increased my awareness of the discoveries of the New Science. The New Science incorporates principles of Quantum Physics and is being propagated by prominent authors like Dr Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza, The Late Dr Valerie Hunt and The Late Jan De Vries, among others. I would like to finish with a quote from Jan De Vries about our book - [HiddenMind: A Journey of Reconnection] “delves deep into the realms of Bio-Energy work and explains the techniques that Tom has developed for those with special needs. From looking at the underlying causes of problems to specific corrections, the work could be described as groundbreaking and it will certainly make its mark in history”.

It is my dream, that the Healing Protocols that I have dedicated most of my life to developing, will positively impact the lives of many people.