Students Testimonials


To all the facilitators of the Hidden Mind and Corrective Sound Therapy course, a huge thank you, it was utterly amazing. The best course I have ever been on, and I mean that sincerely.

Alan O’Riordan

I completed both the HiddenMind: Investigative and corrective sound and the HiddenMind: Bioenergy course in 2019. The quality of information and content combined with the knowledge and expertise of the lecturers was superb.

Fon-Ting Lui

My name is Fon-Ting Lui and I am currently a third-year student studying Psychology and Sociology in the University of Limerick. I completed the Hidden Mind Course in 2017 during a gap year that I took before attending college,


I first heard of Bio Energy and Hidden Mind in 2015, when I was given a copy of Tom's book " HiddenMind, a journey of reconnection". I booked a Bio Energy treatment with a qualified therapist. She was outstanding and the results were so profound that I decided to train as a therapist myself. I qualified as a Bio Energy therapist and then went on to qualify as a Hidden Mind therapist. 


Really enjoyed training in HiddenMind with Tom, Andrew & Avril. They create a very relaxed and open atmosphere while delivering a fascinating course. They are all very approachable and while there’s a lot to learn they make it interesting and easy to understand.


"From day one I was hooked. Listening to Tom and Andrew speaking about the course content, the training format and the amazing possibilities and opportunities ahead for us, filled all of us with enthusiasm. We were all excited about the journey ahead."

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