Anna Marie - Fibromyalgia

Anna Marie - Fibromyalgia

I went for Bio Energy having no real expectations but I wanted to see could it help me in any way.  Having had lots of health issues from childhood right through to adulthood I was finally diagnosed in my 40's as having Fibromyalgia - a condition with a myriad of symptoms. On giving up on the medical system I embraced different modalities of alternative therapy and had achieved some success on my path to good health. However, I had no idea what real wellness was until Bio Energy & Hidden Mind Therapy did its magic.

Andrew worked on me and I got answers in my late 50's as to why I had been feeling so poorly from childhood.  This was a revelation. I noticed firstly some old issues resurrected so I knew something was working.  The Hidden Mind blew me away, I received so much information with regard to past traumas and how I was still holding on to them.  Andrew could tell me my life force energy before birth was extremely low and this continued right through my young life. It increased to 48% through availing of the other Alternative Therapies. With Andrew's pendulum work, bio energy, sound vibrations and continuing to listen to their CD at home my life force energy was now at 100% finishing my 3rd session.

I can only say my energy levels took a leap. To feel able and refreshed every morning was something I never experienced my whole life.  My huge problem was unrefreshed sleep and feeling dreadfully lifeless in the morning as my body felt so heavy thus resulting in pain..I continued to feel the benefits and am in awe of what has been achieved for me.  Firstly, to get answers as to why I felt so bad always, secondly, to realise that all the issues were being addressed one by one and the emotion it evoked was healing in itself and finally, to reach a level of wellness that I thought was only for dreams, was euphoric.

I cannot find words to convey what Bio Energy & Hidden Mind Therapy has done for me and other members of my family.  How grateful we are to Andrew, Avril & Tom for this wonderful modality of healing.  Bio Energy & Hidden Mind Therapy is fascinating and shows how the fixing of the non physical issues results in the physical body healing itself.

Anna Marie Larkin