Caellum (Age 7) - Autism

Caellum (Age 7) - Autism

My first encounter with the Griffins was a sunny day in May 2018. I took my eldest son who was diagnosed with Autism the year before to see Andrew, his mam Martina played with his new baby brother and made a small picnic for his little sister in the garden with bowls of blueberries as Andrew worked on him and I could take in all that was going on. It is quite difficult to put into words exactly what it is that Andrew does, it’s like he works some kind of magic.

My son who could not sit still (was hyper!), did not sleep very well, could not engage in much social interaction, social communication or eye contact and who lacked self-confidence is quite the different child now and only you are told he is on the spectrum, you really would not know. Andrew has the ability to balance Caellum’s energies, balance his stress hormones and ultimately heal his brain in my sons own words “Andrew is great”

Caellum is now a confident, calm, sociable and happy boy – who sleeps soundly at night! And whose ability to learn and socialise has hugely improved, quite simply he would not be the boy he is today without Andrews intervention. It’s a family affair when it comes to it and I have had many sessions too with Andrew at difficult periods of my life where big decisions were needed, again very difficult to put it in words what it is that happens but Andrew has the ability to help you find your answers in your own subconscious and give you a clarity of mind, confidence and courage to move forward.

I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough, his ability to tap into the "HiddenMind" has had a hugely positive and everlasting effect on our lives.  

Lorraine Gormalley.