Olivia & Daughter (Age 4) - Attachment concerns with parents

Olivia and Daughter (Age 4) - Attachment concerns with parents

"I decided to bring my 4 year old for a treatment with Avril. She had never been a great sleeper and
was waking in the middle of the night regularly. She was also very attached to me and nervous of
being away from me, her Dad tried to comfort her and she would push him away too.

The sessions were very relaxed and Avril put her at ease, after the first one she looked forward to
seeing Avril and thought she was she very kind. They talked about unicorns while the treatment was
going on. She was a bit emotional for a few days after the treatments but Avril said to expect that
and it settled quickly.
From the first session she slept through the night and has continued to do so. She has also bonded
with her Dad and does not mind being away from me now. I’m happy we are all getting a full nights
sleep and she is not distressed spending time away form me. I would highly recommend this for any
child I think it will benefit them so much.

I became very sick before Christmas, I felt very unwell physically and emotionally. I felt everyday was
like climbing a mountain, I had no energy and felt anxious about everything. My sister suggested I go
to Avril. She arranged an appointment very quickly for me.
Avril was so easy to talk to and we talked through how I was feeling, my physical symptoms were
coming from my emotional stress. I was very tired after the sessions but as the time went on I
started to get my strength back, I found the treatment relaxing and it was so interesting talking to
Avril, she has so much knowledge and is excellent at explaining what she is doing and how physically,
mentally and emotionally everything is linked.
I am feeling so much better now, I have a lot more energy and feel much calmer and able to handle
what life throws at me. I will go back for more treatments in the future as I feel this will keep my
mind and body in balance. I have highly recommended this treatment to my family and friends and
feel there are so many benefits."