Carmel & Son (Age 11) - Epilepsy, Autism and Learning disability.

Carmel & Son (Age 11) - Epilepsy, Autism and Learning disability.

"I attend Tom Griffin Bio energy/ Hidden mind clinic in Claremorris with my Son who has a diagnosis of Epilepsy, Autism and a generalised learning disability. My Son first attended Tom for therapy when he was 11 years of age. He took to it very well and it helped immensely with his anxiety. He was so much more relaxed in school and was able to cope better.

 In recent years he attends Andrew and has built up a great rapport with him. He loves going for the sessions and chatting to Andrew. The difference in his mood and temperament is unbelievable after the sessions, he is relaxed and more able to cope with lifes events. He has been seizure free for past few years( he still takes epilepsy medication). Andrew has been a great support to both my Son and myself and the whole family have been so welcoming

I have attended for sessions myself with both Andrew and Tom and find it very powerful. For two weeks after the sessions I was extremely tired but after that I was full of energy and felt like a new person, others even noticed the change

I would highly recommend bioenergy / Hiddenmind therapy and am so grateful for it and the difference it has made in our lives

A big thank you to Andrew, Tom and all the therapists. Carmel"