Dorothy - Testmonial

Dorothy & Son - Learning & Behaviour Issues

"We were initially skeptical of bioenergy. It was relatively unknown to us but felt it was worth a try since we had exhausted the conventional system, which was particularly focused on finding a label above all else.

From infancy, Harrison had  been a troubled soul, quick to anger and difficult to appease, the early years of school were extremely difficult, no amount of behaviour charts or cajoling worked. By year 2 he was struggling academically, concentration was poor and behaviourally he didn’t seem to care how his choices impacted others, his teacher wondered if he could be on the autistic spectrum. It was then that we embarked on our Bio Energy & Hidden Mind therapy journey, a month after the initial sessions his teacher called to ask what we had done to Harrison, he was a changed boy, behaviour and concentration levels  were exemplary. The teacher was unaware that he had undergone the therapy so had no expectation to look for changes. Harrison’s behaviour at home had also improved and our home is considerably less stressful than it once was. Now, 18 months later Harrison is a healthy happy little boy who excels at school and enjoys playing with his large group of friends. My family & I  are eternally grateful to Andrew & Tom for the impact they’ve made."