Claire & Baby - Postpartum Depression

Claire & Baby - Postpartum Depression

After suffering with Postpartum Depression for 6 months and after numerous attempts to get help through alternative therapies, I decided to try Hidden Mind. My son had been waking every 2 hours at night for months and the sleep deprivation was causing the depression to worsen. I was adamant that I didn't want to take medication so contacted Avril for treatment.

Avril was able to pinpoint events that had happened during the pregnancy, particular hormone imbalances and gene faults which had all contributed to the Postpartum Depression and the sleep issues with my son.

After the first treatment, I felt very down, and my son was quite unsettled that night. Avril had explained that this was a healing crisis and that blockages were being released. In the second treatment, Avril did a Bio-energy treatment. It felt like a weight was being lifted and I was shaking throughout the treatment. Afterwards I felt much lighter and relaxed. That night, my son slept through. Since then, I have become a lot more relaxed and have found my happiness as a mother. My son sleeps much better since the treatment and we're a happier family since turning to Hidden Mind."

Avril is an empathic and caring therapist who has a gift for helping people.

I will always be grateful to Avril for helping our family!

- Claire, Germany