Joe - Addiction

Joe - Addiction

“I first heard about Bio-Energy Healing from my cousin who had told me that I will Literally be a new man after a few sessions of it, Quiet frankly, I found this very hard to believe as I sadly at that point in my life was beginning to lose hope for myself as I had tried so many different things but to no avail.

To make a very long story short, I had some trauma from a very young age that was never healing which led me to a life of escapism starting at age 13 through the form of serious addiction. Mainly smoking cigarettes and cannabis very heavily. You could say that I had an extremely addictive personality. To put it lightly I was known around my hometown for suffering with addictions.

I also suffered with crippling social anxiety to the point where I was nearly afraid to leaving the house. I would burst into sweats evening thinking about bumping into someone on the street that I would have stop and chat to it was not bad. I was extremely thin as well. I found it difficult to eat due to anxiety and the amount that I smoked. I’m 5’9 and weighed 58kg at the time.

I went to see Andrew for three 1-hour sessions for three days continuously. During these sessions I learnt quite a lot about myself, and I felt I had got some answers as to why I was the way I was. During the second session andrew corrected an issue I had with my leg which caused me to bounce while I walked, he corrected my posture. (I couldn’t believe it either). After the three sessions I just felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt much lighter. I went to Bio-Energy healing with the intention to quit smoking. I had mentioned this to Andrew, and he said to me after the sessions that I should continue to smoke and go about my daily routine and that he believes I will start gaining control over my addictions soon as the healing continues to work after the therapy. I honestly found this quite hard to believe…. 2 weeks later I smoked my last joint (cannabis). 18days after the three sessions I smoked my last cigarette. I am now addiction free. I’m in control of my life again. I go to the gym every second day and do weight training. I have put on 8KG in 3 months. I’m eating properly again. My social anxiety has decreased dramatically. I can manage anxiety when it arises and don’t go in to panic mode. I have so far had 9 sessions within three months and my life continues to improve. To me it is a miracle, and my cousin was right. I literally am I knew man.

It feels to me as though Andrew handed me back my life again and I couldn’t be more grateful. He is and extremely gifted human being with a very calming and gentle energy about him and would recommend him to anyone who feels they are “lost” like I was and struggling with addictions. I will continue to go to a few sessions with Andrew every few months or so.”