Patients Testimonials

Claire & Baby - Postpartum Depression

After suffering with Postpartum Depression for 6 months and after numerous attempts to get help through alternative therapies, I decided to try Hidden Mind. My son had been waking every 2 hours at night for months and the sleep deprivation was causing the depression to worsen. I was adamant that I didn't want to take medication so contacted Avril for treatment.

Paddy - Chronic Asthma

"For the last 67 years I have suffered with chronic asthma. Over the years I have traveled to and been treated by a lot of the asthma experts in Ireland. Down through the years I have got varying periods of relief with my chest but invariably I would find myself back to square one and sometimes a few steps back. My lowest point came shortly before I met Tom."

Samantha - Grief, Anxiety & Neck Pain

"Before I met Andrew and had Bio Energy treatment with him, I wasn’t in a good place. After my first treatment I started to feel a lot better, I was sleeping better, had more energy, wasn’t tired all the time, I wasn’t anxious around people or crowds any more. The pain in my arm and neck had eased and I wasn’t having headaches the way I was beforehand. I feel a lot calmer and more positive about things...."

Mags & Daughter - OCD & Aspergers

"Where do I begin: There is so much to be grateful for with the work Tom Griffin has done with my daughter and me. Seeing Tom in January 2020 began a series of events that has become a turning point for both of us.

Dorothy & Son - Learning & Behaviour Issues

"We were initially skeptical of bioenergy. It was relatively unknown to us but felt it was worth a try since we had exhausted the conventional system, which was particularly focused on finding a label above all else."

Marian & Daughter - Urticaria (auto immune disease)

"My six year old daughter woke up one morning and to our surprise she had suddenly developed a rash on her upper body. She was in a very uncomfortable state and her expression of agitation was panicking for us."

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