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Living Threads

The future of medicine is to promote a more healthy and productive milieu through self-care. The energy work of Living Threads is to nurture ones health, restoring equilibrium. The cross weaves of thread form their personal web for each individuals needs. An empowered source of healing created through ‘darning the holes’. This intertwined with gentle guidance of understanding as to who we are in the ‘spectrum’ of life’s colours and the fabric of the universe. The Living Threads have evolved by matching the wavelength of our negative cellular structures with the right colour, and infused with the right geometry of mathematics.

These wavelengths of various frequencies are altered when any dis-ease or dissonance is present. Living Threads is a sun-sphere of living potentialities that emanates pure light streams of living spiritual energy. These exist within the anatomical and physiological systems. Colour is everywhere, but its essence is not seen. These colour frequencies are a transformational experience and tool that can be used in whole body/mind healing. They draw out our soul qualities and become a potent force for healing, helping to face our deepest fears. By joining these threads together, creates a circle that has no beginning and no end. They are crossed, then folded into the shape of the Infinity sign, resembling a rose, opening the heart from which healing and love flow. Simply by touching the colour threads in this new innovative approach of using colour, allows the person to be deeply touched in heartfelt recognition. The uniqueness and simplicity of their application is magnetic. The pertinent harmonious combinations of these Living Threads enable us to replace fears with pure joy from our heart in each present moment. Dissolve all the knots of bad habits – to forgive, to embody peace, and to reveal the potential of love in all things, with dignity, integrity, and strength beyond measure. Go into the very depths and embrace experiences. Living Threads poses an esoteric truth, growth and opportunity. The complete blueprint to our soul is held in our light system. Activating awareness, sometimes through patient practice or stillness, to interpret and recognise the subtle language to pure realisation ignites the Divine Consciousness. Experience how to "feel" energy and how to use this most ancient science of colour frequencies to rejuvenate the body. Morning Clouds, recognised the powerful healing tool of Living Threads and recreated this work, to make its form more elegant, refined and simplified allowing the true essence of the Living Threads energies to be experienced. The true knowledge of oneself has and is always going to be the great mystery.  

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