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ABOUT TOM GRIFFINFounder of HiddenMind Protocol and Bio-energy




Tom Griffin has been involved in energy healing for 24 years. He had a background in philosophy and theology and developed an interest in healing. He became interested in Eastern philosophy and studied the Martial Arts and through the martial arts was introduced to Zdenko Domancic. He trained under the World famous Zdenko Domancic 25 years ago in Croatia in the former Yougoslavia .He became a household name after his appearance on the "Late Late Show". 

Tom popularised energy treatments through the medium of bio energy therapy and was the co-author of a best-selling book "Bio Energy Healing" Therapy of the future. He appeared on several television shows, "Would You Believe", 601 News,Paul Nolan Show, Discovery Channel, Nationwide and numerous newspaper articles, national and international, testifying the success of this therapy. Tom and his colleague Michael O`Doherty set up the Plexus Bio Energy System to protect the identity of their specialised work and the Plexus name has become and international brand.

Tom has treated tens of thousands of people with a wide range of symptoms and diseases and has incorporated advanced bodywork programs including the Harraga program and Vibrational Kinesiology. Tom has studied Tai-chi and Chi-Gung and is a third degree black belt in Martial Arts. Tom is also a Touch For Health Instructor and Muscle Metaphors teacher. Tom had the opportunity to study under the Late Cameron Dawson ten years ago and became a Dawson Program Practitioner. He is also a qualified Corrective Sound Practitioner.

He has now developed his own "Hidden Mind" protocol incorporating Bio Energy work , Vibrational Kinesiology, Muscle Testing and Dowsing, the Haraga Program , N.L.P. and Bodywork Techniques learned from unique people around the world. The Hidden Mind technique isexcellent for special needs as it accesses the underlying causes and makes specific corrections to a child`s energy matrix.


We are eternal sentient beings,This lifes journey reflects our true essence
which is unconditional love,an emanation of



Tom Griffin

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