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HiddenMind Level I

Enables a student to have and understanding and appreciation of the theoretical background to the Hiddenmind Programme. The Hidden Mind Protocol is a system founded and developed by Tom Griffin and a culmination of his twenty six years working with bio-energy and bodywork. Tom was very prominent in introducing bio-energy to Ireland and Europe. Tom has drawn on many therapies including Bio-energy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, NLP, Harraga bodywork programme, Nutritional courses, chi Gung martial arts, Corrective Sound Programme and The Dawson Programme and his own unique experiences in developing Hiddenmind.


HiddenMind Level II

Level II commences with revision of level I. This review would also include a questions and answers session. After that, an in depth study into meridian malfunctions. These malfunctions can be caused by family members alive or deceased, by people outside the family, school work place, in the world around us. These meridian malfunctions can be comprised of negative thought forms, anxiety states, negative emotions, negative belief systems, phobias and can have a profound negative effect on the recipient. Residual meridian malfunctions are from deceased people leaving a residue of energy in a place where they have died tragically.


HiddenMind Level III 

Substance intolerance People can be affected negatively by substances by ingesting, touching, inhaling or just being in the vicinity of a particular substance. These substances can be household items like washing up liquids and disinfectant chemicals and other chemicals used in the house and garden to chemicals used in paint and other building materials in houses and offices. People often have intolerances to prescribed drugs and foods. Allergenic reactions can manifest to partial or constant exposure and deplete the life force of the person affected. Children with special needs often have problems digesting gluten and milk and can develop severe reactions if continued.




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