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Bio-energy Level III 

Level III is a four day process (7 hours per day) An in depth understanding of the science of the energy field, how the energy system breaks down and the negative effects on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies.Mornings involve Qi Qong, preparation for class practice in the afternoons.  Reviewing progress/challenges experienced by volunteers from Level II on first day and then re-engaging in a second four day session with these clients again.  Also working on new client for four days.The two additional days will cover nutrition, first aid, written and practical exam.  In these two days students will learn about the taking and keeping of clients medical/therapy records. 

A code of professional conduct and management of student’s practice will also be covered.  The responsibility of practitioner’s to have insurance and to carry out this therapy in a health and safety environment will be part of these additional days.



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  • "I have had concerns for quite a while about my daughter, she was looking very sickly for at least a year and her demeanour and behaviour had disimproved, firstly I put it down to teenage years but after seeing Avril I figured out it was a lot more complex than we realised. After the first treatment I could see a change"

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