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Courses Bio-energyDiscover your healing potential

Bio-energy Level I 

    • 2 weekends, 14 hours per weekend of Level I 
    • Sensitisation exercises
    • Manipulating the energy field
    • Balancing the chakras:  Level I – Crown, Heart, Base
    • Understanding features of chakras
    • Releasing blocked energy in chakras
    • Releasing blockages in meridians
    • Therapy touch techniques for head, heart, feet & spine
    • These techniques provoke the energy flow to these areas thereby provoking the immune system and cleaning any auric debris that may be emitted from these areas.
  • An understanding is given to the students of how energy becomes blocked or stagnant as a result of trauma, physical or emotional or lifestyle
  • Lectures will be given on the dangers of geopathic stress in homes or work place and how these problems are resolved.
  • Lectures are also given on nutrition and diet.
  • Adequate time is given to class practice

Level I:  Enables a student to practice only on friends and family members and to treat them between visits to a fully trained therapist.



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